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Marco Colonna


Marco Colonna has been playing cymbals since 2018 at Grand Blanc High School. That season sparked excitement for the instrument that brought him to Motor City Percussion (MCP) in 2020. Being only his second season on cymbals, this season challenged Marco as he learned more complicated visuals and refined his technique. In 2021, he returned to the Grand Blanc cymbal line this time as an instructor. Marco believes that cymbal playing is unique in that members get to help write their own book, offering opportunities for creativity and originality. For all of his dedication, he received the 2022 Flashpoint Scholarship marching at MCP.


Achieving a dream of being in drumline, Abbey Trach became a cymbal player in 2019 at Genesis Percussion. She stayed at Genesis for their 2020 season, and continued to march at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) from 2019-2021 and River City Rhythm Drum and Bugle Corps in 2021. Abbey wants to help build the cymbal community in light of cymbal lines being cut or shoved to the side. She has a positive outlook on the future of cymbals, giving back to the community by teaching Spring Lake High School, Northern Lights Homeschool Marching Band, Hudsonville Winter Percussion and GVSU. Thanks to her hard work, Abbey received the 2022 Flashpoint Scholarship marching at Redline.

Abbey Trach
Amelia Farley


Amelia joined winter drumline on vibraphone in 2018 at Impact Percussion. In order to make the cymbal line, she practiced daily and in 2019, she began her cymbal career. Amelia absolutely loves the cymbal community, especially after broadening her horizons and joining Motor City Percussion (MCP). She has a dream to become a great cymbal player, and is well on her way. One day, she’d like to begin teaching to see them achieve things she couldn’t do at their age. Because of her passion for the instrument Amelia received the 2022 Flashpoint Scholarship marching at MCP.

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