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about us

Established in 2020, Flashpoint is a Textile and Media company that produces handmade sleeves for cymbal players.

Our goal is to promote and grow the cymbal community.

the vision

Flashpoint was originally created to become an unbiased cymbal line promoter. To post videos for any and every cymbal line, regardless of class. The vision evolved to include creating cymbal-specific merch and crafting practical and durable sleeves. Inclusivity is at the heart of this company, creating custom fit sleeves to fit any arm shape, size, number of fingers, anything. Any way a standardized range of sizes wouldn't work for each unique cymbal player.


On top of that, Flashpoint wanted to offer lines the option to pick whatever fabric matches their show, even creating custom designs with different stripes of fabric. A great inspiration for the actual sleeves came from CymSleeve, as its creator taught Flashpoint's founder, Anna Koh, for years. The whole point of everything we do is to accentuate the uniqueness of cymbals and prop up the community. 

the history

Flashpoint's origins are at the kitchen table of a dingy apartment in East Lansing, with a broken sewing machine and a hunger to show appreciation for cymbal players. The first line to ever use Flashpoint sleeves was Redline in 2019, version 1.0 of the sleeves with no finger.


Left: working on the measurement system after deciding to add a finger, right: RLC 2019


From there, Flashpoint went public in 2020. The sleeve design was on version 2.0 with the OG logo, the website went live with our first line of merch. The first groups to order from us included Redline, Motor City Percussion, Dakota High School, Plymouth C-EP, Cap City, Huron Valley Percussion, Genesis Percussion, G2 Downington Indoor, Apex, Hastings, Stevenson and Lake Orion.


Top left: Cap City, bottom left: Apex, bottom middle left: Plymouth C-EP, second from right: Dakota High School, far right: Yanna Gindlesperger modeling their "commit to the rep" t-shirt"

The Flashpoint Family grew through 2021 and 2022, bringing in new lines including Walled Lake Percussion, Bellbrook HS, Hudsonville HS,Grand Blanc HSGull Lake MBMadison ScoutsMichigan State UniversityShippensburg UniversityRiver City RhythmUniversity of Toledo, West Catholic HSGVSU MB, WMU MB, Hutto HS, Victor HS, Portage Central, Illini Drumline, IMPACT PercussionLions DrumlineFranklin Indoor Percussion, Lake Effect Percussion, Blugold Indoor DrumlineVortex PercussionPerfect Storm Performing ArtHamilton HS, George Mason UniversityCentral Crossing HS, Triple Crown, Ascension PercussionCarroll HS4th Wall, Robstown HS, IMPACT PercussionJefferson County PercussionSeymour Indoor PercussionCap City 2North Star IndependentGreenfield-Central HSImperial Dynasty202 Indoor PercussionWaverly Viking BandCMU MB, Legends DBCColumbians DBCCornhusker Marching Band, U of M MB, USF MB, Sherwood Forest HS, and Traverse City West.

Not to mention all of the individuals who also ordered from us.


Flashpoint is forever grateful for all the people who decided to give us a chance.

During the lockdown in 2020, Flashpoint diverted our sewing capabilities to making masks. We sent them out to anyone who requested one, as well as donating many to care packages for frontline/essential workers. In total, we made and shipped out over 400 masks.

After the summer of 2022, Flashpoint entered an extended hiatus, explained in the video below, posted on 3/3/23.

To avoid the folly of becoming stretched too thin again, Flashpoint now accepts a limited amount of orders. We have the opportunity to continue on because of all the cymbal lines above. Thank you to them for contributing to the community by simply existing. Flashpoint has a profoundly deep gratitude for all of the lines in our Family, and we want to give back by focusing our efforts on educational resources and continuing to produce videos of any and every single cymbal line we can.  

the goals

Flashpoint wants to provide opportunities to anyone in or around cymbals. Extensive educational resources not only for beginners and current students, but for educators, percussion and band directors, show designers, anyone with the slightest interest in learning more about how cymbals work and appreciating their value. 

Making the barrier to entry as low as possible is the goal, Flashpoint values equity and accessibility, that's why we're creating a directory for any cymbal educator (or future educator) to submit their information in hopes more programs across the country can find cymbal instructors.

Health is important, the physicality of this instrument is an integral part of preventing injuries and achieving excellence. The mental side is just as important, Flashpoint wants to provide mindfulness in the marching arts resources, as well as workout routines and stretches, even discussions on how different techniques work anatomically to promote the healthiest version of marching.

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Anna Koh

My name is Anna Koh, I'm extremely passionate about cymbals, and  have been since I first picked up the instrument.


Through WGI, DCI, college, and teaching, I've met so many people who share this sentiment. That's why I dreamed of creating this company, to provide a service for everyone who loves cymbals.


Thank you for supporting the cymbal community!

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